Our mission : bring as many people as possible on water by creating and hosting accessible and cool stand up paddle activities and formats

Two courses in the bay : 
1 - Elite Race (10km) on Saturday 4th of May
2 - Fun Race (1,5km or 5km) on Sunday 5th of May

For the Elite Race, 4 registration categories : 
1 - Pro (overall ranking)
2 - Amateur (age & board type divisions)
3 - U18 (overall ranking)
4 - U16 (overall ranking)

In the amateur division, we reward  :

According to the type of board (no matter the age) : 
- 12'6 hard board
- 12'6 inflatable
- 14' hard board
- 14' inflatable

According to the age (no matter the board type) : 
- Masters (35 - 39 yo)
- Grands masters (40 - yo) 
- Kahunas (45 - 50 yo)
- Grand kahunas (50 - 60 yo)
(+) the "Velociraptor" category for the 60+ years old fast dinosaurs 

About the Fun Race, there is no board or age restriction, no chrono, no pressure, everyone on the start line and let's go ! You can choose between 1,5km and 5km courses : you will anyway do the 1,5km lap all together, you will decide wether you want to stop there if you had enough (and access the refuel area) or keep going for another new lap of 3,5km if you feel like nothing can stop you. The most determined will try to win (some rewards for the first to cross the line) and the others will simply enjoy to paddle in the most beautiful bay of Mediterranea.


The idea was to create a friendly format, without any competitive pressure, in which everyone can paddle together no matter the skills or type of board : with friends, family, solo or with a team (Tandems, DRAGON & BigSUP are more than welcome). The organisation crew will escort you with music and good vibes all race long.

About the kids race, the number of laps to do (1 lap = 400m) depends on the age division (6-8 years old, 8-10 years old, 10-12 years old, 12-14 years old). It is mandatory to come with : a medical certificate, a parental authorization. The boards can be lent on reservation (board + paddle + PFD + leash).

On Sunday the 5th : chill & activites for everybody 
- initiations SUP / SUP Yoga / SUP Fitness (on reservation)
- Team relay (team of 4 paddlers)
- Clinics SUP Race by the pros (on reservation)
- Tahitian outrigger and dances initiation (tbc)
- Beach volley & pétanque
- Live music, interviews
- Food & drinks

So if you are in the pro division, you aim for the win, the overall rankings, and the EURO Tour points. In amateur, you run for a ranking in terms of age division and board divisions

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